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About Fast Vinnie and his range of motorbike t-shirts


Fast Vinnie is a fictional biker from the 1950’s and 1960’s when Britain dominated the motorcycle industry with the great names of Ariel, BSA, Norton, Royal Enfield, Velocette and Vincent to name but a few . He was the typical Rocker or Leather Boy, whose evenings would be spent at a local Cafe listening to the Juke Box blaring out Rock & Roll music from artists such as as Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Chuck Berry. Weekends would mean a “burn-out” to a seaside resort such as Brighton and occasionally the Ace Cafe in London, a transport Cafe on the new North Circular Road.


Vinnie’s pride and joy was his new Vincent HRD Black Shadow motorcycle, which unlike many of the other Cafe Racers, never had the clip-ons and rear sets, as this was a motorcycle that was plenty fast enough, straight out of the crate. None of Vinnie’s mates could keep up with him, so in 1950, he rode in the famous Isle of Man TT races. He now says that Life begins at 74 but gets exciting at 120!!


Vinnie still reminisces about the golden age of motorcycling and his favourite phrases have been captured on a retro collection of t-shirts that will be appreciated by bikers with slogans that any real biker will be able to associate with – just look at these great motorcycle slogans that you will find on t-shirts ............


A Biker’s fun is never done
Poetry in Motion
I need more corners
It’s in the blood
Too many roads, not enough time
A Bike on the road, is worth two in the shed
Bikers have more fun than people
Toys for boys
Been there, doing this
How’s my riding, call 999
Catch me if you can
Shake, Rattle & Resonate
I do all my own stunts
Where’s those Mods, here today – gone tomorrow
Shake, Rattle & Roll
I must be Rockers
I would rather be riding my motorcycle, than at home with my other ‘alf
Ton up boys need fast toys
Tarmac Scratcher
Grasp life by the handlebars
Living life on the edge
Tarmac Gymnast
Shiny side up, rubber side down
The journey is the destination
Just twist the wrist
If speed is a sin, then find me guilty
Life begins at 45 degrees
Real men use kickstarts
Cars move the body, motorcycle move the soul
The older I get, the faster I was
Faster, Faster, Faster
I couldn’t give a Vee-Twin for anything else
Vroom, Vroom, Vroom
I’m the nut that holds the handlebars
Good vibrations
Good vibrations, kiss your nuts goodbye
Old bikers have style
Bikerholics anonymous
Life begins at 7000 revs
Born again biker
Too many corners
Too many roads, not enough corners
You’re riding when your knee’s sliding
It’s Sunday, get on one knee and pray
The need for speed
I only ride British
Real bikes leak oil




These biker t-shirts make a great gift for any motorcyclist, wear one and watch the reaction of other bikers – they’re quite likely to ask you where you got it, so tell them you got it from Fast Vinnie and tell them about this website